Treatments for Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite comprises fat cells held by fibers that have developed a network. These fibers are always cleansed by fluids in the body, and poor circulation slows this process, resulting to amassed waste, as they continuously thicken and turn into hard pockets of determined fat.

This results to dimpling or the ‘orange peel’ appearance as it is always referred to. Cellulite gives your legs the tight, heavy feeling, sensitivity when massaged or pressed is sometimes felt. Cellulite is not at all related to any sickness or disease, nevertheless it is acquired from an unhealthy lifestyle.

Many people are affected by cellulite, and the options to have it treated are too many. Liposuction, cellulite massage, and cellulite creams are often the chosen treatments opted by folks who have cellulite.

Other strategies are massage, laser, and water. Electric muscle kick is also included in removing cellulite.

Cellulite Reduction : Body Wrapping

Many salons and spas offer treatment for cellulite called body wrapping. This process is reported to dump inches of fats from the hips, thighs, waist, and other bits of the body. Body wrapping utilizes clothing or special wraps together with special creams or lotions that are applied to the skin.

It has also been reported that individuals who tried body wrapping lost a few inches in certain body parts that had cellulite, as this process works effectively because of the belief that ‘cellulite is a hydrogenated greasy tissue that might be damaged down in a matter of one or two minutes’.

Body wraps for cellulite treatment are of rubber or plastic material which is worn around the hips, waist, legs, or merely any bit of the body which has cellulite. They are pretty convenient and easy to use. You may also wear a body wrap or 2 while doing other activities at home.

The claim that body wrapping has the capability to eliminate cellulite in a certain body area can be true, for some. Since this treatment guarantees cellulite reduction, it is, in fact, on a temporary basis. Cellulite is truly uncooperative fat that is stored beneath the skin, and it would most likely take in depth treatment for cellulite to be utterly removed.

The human body desires fluid and losing unnecessary amounts of this can cause dreadful dehydration, which, is very dangerous. Fluid loss also causes electrolyte disequilibrium in the body. Body wrapping sometimes costs $40 an hour, and if you need constant cellulite reduction sessions, this process alone can cost you so much.

fast cellulite reduction

Own Body Weight Training

Questions and Answers

Maintain or Increase Muscle/Strength w/ Body Weight Exercises?Hi,So I’m going into my senior year in High School, and lift weights 3 times a week. In June 2011 (when I graduate), I plan to enlist in the Marine Corps. Now I know that in boot camp, muscle endurance takes presidnce over muscle strength, as they have you doing tons of pushups, pullups, crunches, etc. Now I can do pushups fine, but I need to be able to build my muscle endurance. Now if I stop going to the gym for a while when my boot camp date is say, 2-3 months away, and instead focus on body weight exercises like pushups, pullups, and crunches, 3-4 times a week, will this be enough to maintain the muscle I built in the gym (or increase it), or is it a catch 22 where I’ll lose it if I build that endurance. I say this because after my gym workout my muscles are too tired to be able to work on pushup endurance. I am really trying to Get rid of cellulite.

Thank you.

– Ben.p

Posted by Distance H
adminIt’s fine if you need to exercise more on pushups and pullups, but decrease on weightlifting exercises.However, you can still do them at the same time, only more than the other. For example: Do muscle endurance for around 3-4 times a week, and the rest of the days do weightlifting. It will be hard, but it is worth it if you want to survive in boot camps. They are TOUGH.

Good luck :)

Upper Body Strength Exercises?What are some exercises i can do to build upper body strength, i used to be able to do 30+ PushUps, but i gained so much weight this year since all i eat at school is pizza.I can only do 15 pushups, and then for the first time ever. I collapse…and it’s very hard to even push my self back up..
I feel weak, and my stomach is starting to show it.

Posted by Alex
adminThe resistance in the pushup exercise is bodyweight, so if your bodyweight increased, it would most likely be more difficult to perform the same amount of pushups. So assuming you have no medical issues that that have arisen in the last year, the obvious answer would be to lose the extra body fat gained over the last year and you should be in good shape (pun intended) to knock out 30 pushups again.Beyond that, the exercise I have clients perform in order to improve their pushups is the plank. This can be performed by holding your body up off the ground (face down) with your forearms and toes as the contact points on the floor (see Http://… for an example). The key is to tighten your abs and glutes (while still breathing) in order to strengthen the muscels of the core. Although most people seem to believe it is the muscles of the upper torso and arms that determine pushup success, it is my experience that they actually struggle more with maintaining proper hip and pelvic positioning due to weak core muscles.

With pushup training, consider a progressive approach toward your improvement. Try for 15 pushups on day 1, then 16 two days later, then 17 two more days later, etc… Or, you could aim for achieving a certain amount of pushups in a given workout with however many sets it takes. In other words, have a goal of 30 total pushups in a day, then try it again three days later, and so on.

Finally, I would advise a strength training program that addresses all the major muscle groups of the body. This would improve your performance in all physical functions, including pushups, and help you with improving your overall health and fitness.

Make sure you have medical clearance prior to engaging in any exercise program.

Good luck with it. You can do it!!!

Weight training.?!?!?Hi. I do a heavy full body workout 3 times aweek, and to circuit training sessions using body weight excercises 2 times a week.
I am worried i am overtraining, as im strating to feel a bit ran down.
Do you think i should cut ou one of my strength trainign sessions,
so instead of doing 3 days heavy weight and 2 days circuits.
I should do 2 days strength, and 2 days circuits?
This should give my body more time to recover ?
My imt is ot build more muscle ( although i have a good ammount if it already,) but im more wanting to get leaner, whilst still bulidng a bit of muscle. Thats why i thought doing the circuits would be a good idea. To give me some cardio aswell.
Any ideas?

Posted by overunder
adminYou’ve basically answered your own question. Your body has let you know you are overexercising. Try to relax a bit, take some vitamin c and some alpha lipoic acid. It will be good for metabolism and for inflammation. Try and replace some of your usual routines with non-weight bearing activities, such as swimming, biking or elliptical machine. This way you can give those overworked muscles a rest while still boosting metabolism…You might also want to INCORPORATE STRETCHING, YOGA PILATES AND THE LIKE TO CENTER YOUR MIND AND TONE MUSCLES YOU ORDINARILY AREN’T WORKING. VARIETY is THE SPICE OF LIFE.

Exercise Tips for Your Upper Body- With or Without Weights…

Body Weight Back Exercises

Questions and Answers

I want to exercise to tone my body but I do not want to lose weight.?

Hi gus,
Im 20, 5"4 & weigh 110lbs. Infact, I just gained 2 pounds after the past 2 months. Yh, i know I am skinny, but like I said Im also trying to gain weight. However, I would like to tone my legs, make my arms a little fleshy and overall. Stay in shape most especially my stomach area – Ill like to keep it flat as it is.
So, what light exercise do I need? Walking or light jogging? For say 15mins per day? And should I do this 3 hours after dinner or should it be before dinner?

Posted by socute

You have a normal weight (BMI 18.9). There is nothing wrong about being skinny, except for the fact that everybody all day long (even cashiers or dental hygienists) keep telling you how skinny you are, which gets annoying after a while (especially if you live in the US where 70% of people are overweight).
If you look young enough to look like a teenager, people might leave you alone, as teenagers are naturally skinny because they’re not done growing yet.

You’re only 20 so you might still be growing. Usually, you stop growing around the age of 21 and some people have a late start and keep growing (taller) until they’re 25.
You could get one inch taller and gain 5 pounds just because of growth during the next year. But for that to happen, you need to eat A LOT and exercise A LOT so you get A LOT of nutrients without getting fat. Gaining LBM (lean body mass, like muscles, bones, organs) is good but gaining too much body fat will give you a little belly pouch. You could have a flat stomach even if you’re unfit just because you’re skinny or you could have a belly pouch because that is where your body likes to store fat reserves and you got some.
I’m 5’5 and at 110lbs, I get a flat stomach, but then I’m underweight and unfit. My ideal weight is 120 to 125lbs, IF I’m fit with some muscle mass. If I’m unfit at 125lbs, then I have a big belly pouch (body fat takes 3 times more space than muscle mass).

I’m guessing your “stomach area” is more like your “where the belly button is”…Your stomach is an organ to digest food and is partly protected by your rib cage (your rib cage protects your liver, heart and lungs). Your belly is not protected by bones so your intestines, bladder and reproductive organs need muscle mass and body fat (cushioning) for protection against external injuries (also for insulation and other purposes, like making hormones). If you have strong “rock hard” abs, your body will be less likely to use body fat for cushioning to protect your intestines. Also strong abs stabilize the back. Some people have back pain and do not do crunches (because bad form would cause back pain…hopefully they’re not trying to do sit-ups) while they should do the opposite and strengthen their abs to support their back. But you’re only 20, and unless you play Rugby or American football, you’re not likely to have back problems…until you get to be 40 or 50 and aging will bring all kinds of physical issues.

Make sure you get a lot of calcium eating dairies (milk, yogurt and cheese) but also collard greens, turnip greens, and sardines or salmon with bones, broccoli, almonds, kidney and black beans…You’re on the verge of developing adult taste buds and actually enjoying those. As an adult, I salivate at the idea of a steamed salmon filet with broccoli and carrots and a dash of melted cheese at the end. I love sardines on a bed of whole wheat bread, crust removed, with creamy butter and a glass of white wine. I love all my greens from my garden that I accommodate with vinaigrette (extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar). When I was a teenager, I did not care much for any of those so I got most of my calcium from dairies…chocolate milk every morning and I ate a lot of cheese and yogurt.

Also eat a lot of protein when building up muscle mass for toning. You should expect to gain about one pound of mmm (muscle mass a month) when weight training. You do not have the male hormones to be able to build up 5 pounds of mmm like guys so you’ll get toned (get a strong hard body, not one that you poke and it feels like Jell-o) and get a hint of a muscular curve here and there but never look muscular.
Good high protein food are low fat dairies (milk, cheese, yogurts…), eggs (whites and no more than one yolk a day), lean meat, fish and poultry (do not eat the skin), legumes (beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, peanuts, peanut butter, including soy milk and tofu that comes from soybeans which are legumes), grains (rice, maize…called corn in the US, whole-wheat pasta and bread, rye, buckwheat, oats, millet…) and nuts/seeds.
Combine legumes and grains and you’ll get complete protein. Like eating a slice of bread with beans, or adding rice to lentils, or peas to pasta…even combining legumes and grains in different meals (during the same day) will have them meet later on in the intestines to form complete protein.

(End of my answer coming up next…)

How to reduse body weight without exercise?

What are the food we should eat to reduce body weight.

Posted by m_souriraja

Unfortunately some exercise is required to loose weight however drinking lager amounts of water and eating only 1/2 of your normal meal, cutting out the chips and junk food, eat several small meals a day, munch on dried apricots or dates, there are exercises that can be done sitting in your chair. Leg lifts are one weights in you hands and doing curls etc. A good self image is important. Good luck !

Body-weight pec exercises?

I'm going to be travelling this summer and I can think of how to work my chest… Other body-weight exercise reccomendations that don't require equipment?

Posted by Julio Gerhardt Kenazawa

Push ups something fierce! People think they work your arms but they don't really that much they're mostly chest. You can do them different ways for different results (eg doing triangles with your hands under you together making a triangle works your triceps as well). Just think about it's the inverse of the bench press instead of pushing a weight off you your pushing your weight off the ground, so it works pretty much the same muscles. Now just because you can do a push up doesn't mean you can bench your weight so don't try that but with lots of practice you can get to doing alot. You can also do them on an elevated surface like your hands on two chairs so you can get lower making them harder but for better results. Just try doing them randomly ALOT throughout the day andplay around with them to feel a different burn for different results.

Upper Body Workouts Without Weights…

Best Body Weight Workout

Questions and Answers

Should you drink whey protein after body weight workouts?

Should you drink whey protein after body weight workouts?

Posted by 1985FLEA

It depends on what your goal is, but your body is very receptive to nutrition following an intense workout. That's why strength athletes like to drink a whey protein shake within 20 to 30 minutes of finishing a weight training session (similar to what you're doing with body weight). Muscle tissue is broken down during intense exercise and built back bigger and stronger during the recovery process that takes up to 48 hours to complete.

Of course, this rebuilding can't begin without nutrition in the form of amino acids from protein. Because whey is a complete protein (contains all of the Essential Amino Acids) and is digested rapidly, it's ideal pre- and/or post-workout. However, if you aren't giving your muscles enough time to rebuild before breaking them down again, the amino acids can only do so much. I would suggest splitting your exercise routine between upper and lower body muscle groups (ie: Monday upper body, Tuesday lower body) with a day of cardio conditioning on Wednesday (or whatever the third day falls on).

Hope that helps.

What are some good Body Weight Exercises?

I would like to have exercises that have no need for weights
I have Stationary Push up handles and I have 5 pound Leg Weights.
Right Now I have been doing Handstand Push ups and Leg Lifts but I need more for Upper Body and Core Body Strength
One day I like to be able to do a Full Planche, Planche Push up and 90 degree Push ups so could you give me Exercise to work up to the Planche
Thank you for your help with my Question.

Posted by Kurt

Email me for the decriptions.
Do all of these for 60 seconds for 1 set and 5 minute warm up stretch and 5 minute cool down stretch with a 30 second rest in between. And you should stay tone and muscular while helping to burn fat. They are separated into 3 days. Then do some cardio in between those and make sure to get plenty of rest and eat plenty of protein and carbs. If you do all of this, then you will need to increase your caloric intake as well. Hope this helps and if you have any questions about the workout then email me. P.s. To keep lean muscle this workout uses body weight and no more than 10 lb. Weights for men and 5 lb weights for women. If you are a beginner then try 30 seconds and rest for 10-15 in between the workout.start with 30 seconds for beginner and rest for 10-15 seconds. The entire workout lasts 25-28 minutes when done at the full 60 second time. Mix in cardio as well with this program and on the days you are not strength training.

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Body weight exercises to build strength?

I'm 18, and since I've started going to college and working, I hardly have any time to go to the gym anymore. Does anyone know of any really good body weight exercises that I could do at home? I do push ups and sit ups and what not, but does anyone know of any other exercises that help to tone up your abs and chest?

Posted by John Paul

Bodyweight exercises can help you stay fit at home and stay with a
tight a budget. Here's are a few ideas of bodyweight exercises that
you can do any time with no equipment.
Start with a light warm up for a few minutes. This can be walking,
marching in place or stepping side to side.
Perform each exercise for 30 seconds to two minutes depending upon
your conditioning and interest. Move to the next exercise smoothly,
but quickly. You can continue the routine as long as you like (a
twenty minute workout or an hour or more). Cool down with five or more
minutes of stretching.
•Push Ups
Begin in push up position, on knees or toes. Perform 4 push ups, abs
in and back straight. On the 5th push up, lower halfway down and hold
for 4 counts. Push back up and repeat the series – 4 regular push ups
and 1 halfway–5 or more times.
•Pull Ups
The pull up exercise does require some basic equipment, or some
creativity (go to a playground or find a low hanging tree branch, for
example), but it's a great, simple way to build upper body strength.
•One-Leg Balance / Squat / Reach
Stand on one leg and balance it as long as you can. If this is too
easy, add a slight squat motion. Still too easy? Place an object on
the floor, several feet in front of you (a book, perhaps), and slowly
squat down, and reach out with one arm and touch the object and slowly
return to an upright position. Stay on one leg at all times. Repeat on
the other leg after a minute or so.
•Tuck Jump
The tuck jump exercise ranks near the top of the list for developing
explosive power using only an athlete's body weight.
•Chair Dips
You’ll need two chairs, (or a bed and a chair or a counter, etc…)
for this great tricep exercise. Place two chairs facing each other,
about 3 feet apart. Sit on one chair with your hands palm down and
gripping the edge of the chair. Place your heels on the edge of the
other chair and hold yourself up using your triceps. Slide forward
just far enough that your behind clears the edge of the chair and
lower yourself so your elbows are at 90 degrees. Do as many
repetitions as you can.
•Wall Sit
With your back against a wall, and your feet about 2 feet away from
the wall, slide down until your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Hold
the position as long as you can. This is great for ski conditioning.
•Abdominal Crunches
Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
Place your fingertips to the side of your head just behind your ears.
Push your lower back into the floor flattening the arch and hold. Curl
up slowly so both your shoulders lift off the floor a few inches. Hold
for a count of 2 and return to the start position. Tip: Don’t tuck
your chin to your chest; keep your head up.
Lie on your stomach with your arms and legs stretched out. Raise your
arms and legs off the ground a few inches, hold a few seconds, and
then lower. Alternate arms and legs as an option. Repeat.
•Reverse Crunch
Lie on your back with your hands out to your sides, and bend your
knees. Bring your knees toward your head until your hips come up
slightly off the floor (don’t rock). Hold one second and repeat.
•Plank Exercise
Get into push up position on hands and toes, or on elbows and toes.
Contract your abdominal muscles (and core). Keep your back straight
(don't collapse in the middle) and hold this position for as long as
you can.
Stand with feet together. Squat down and place your hands on the
floor next to your feet. In an explosive movement, jump feet backwards
into a push-up position, jump feet back between hands and stand up.
•Jumping Jacks
The basic jumping jack is a good cardio and strength training
•Side Jumps
Stand with feet together. Jump to the right several feet, keeping
knees bent and landing in a squat position. Jump back to the left and
continue jumping from side to side. Use a small object to jump over if
you like (book, pillow etc..).
•Mountain Climbers
Start on your hands and knees and get into in a sprinter’s start
position. Keep your hands on the ground and push off with your feet so
you alternate foot placement (run in place) as long as you can. Be
sure to keep your back straight, not arched.
Shadow Boxing
Assume the position and go for a little shadow boxing. It’s really a
pretty decent way to get your cardio and strength work all at once.
Focus on controlled movements (not flailing punches), stay light on
the balls of your feet and keep your knees bent. Practice jabs and
upper cuts and all your moves. Hold a couple bottles of water for more

40 Minute Full Body Workout | Beginner Strength Training ……

Top Body Weight Exercises

Questions and Answers

Body Weight Conditioning Exercises.?

Can someone tell me the best exercises for each body part without using weights. You will be a huge help. Thanks.

Posted by Sado

Off the top of my head: pullups, chinups, muscle ups, dragon flags (good luck lol!), pistols (one legged squats), and one handed pushups.

Try learning some gymnastics. Gymnasts use almost entirely body weight exercises.

Body weight exercises for butt?

I dont wanna use any weights, b/c I CANT! So bodyweight exercises just tones right? Which dont make your butt smaller nor bigger , just give it a nice shape . Is that correct ?

Posted by iMa'Marri'A'Nerd

Type "Oxycise" in your favorite search engine. Yahoo, Bing, Google just to mention a few. Or click on this link or copy-and-paste it into your address bar at the top of page of your browser

What are the top 20 Most helpful exercises to lose weight quickly?

I wanna lose some weight just need to know the BEST exercises to help :)

Posted by Katie

Doing an effective whole body conditioning and weight loss workout
can be done entirely at home without any fancy equipment. A couple of
dumbbells is all you will need. (Even if you don't have dumbbells
there is usually something lying around the house that is heavy enough
to substitute in for them).
Here is a list of 20 exercises you can do right in your own home for
a great whole body conditioning and fat loss workout.


Group 1:

Bodyweight Squats
Bulgarian Split Squats
Prisoner Squat
Reverse Lunge
Step Ups
One Leg "Get Ups"

Group 2:

Push Ups
Push Up and Point
Mountain Climbers
Decline Push Ups
Push Ups/Stick Ups
Step Up and Press
Squat and Press

Group 3:

Side Plank
Curl and Press
One Arm Rows
Bird Dogs
One Leg Deadlifts

Pick one exercise from each group and do them all back to back for a
mini circuit of 3 exercises. Do each exercise for a timed interval of
10 seconds for a total of 30 seconds per mini circuit.
As you get better at them work up to doing each exercise for 20
seconds for a total of 60 seconds per mini circuit.
Take 30-60 seconds rest between mini circuits.
For beginners do a total of 3 mini circuits to start. Working up to 4
or 5 as you get better at them.
Once you're ready to move to the next level add a second mini circuit
by choose 3 different exercises (one from each grouping). Do your
second mini circuit with the same time of work to rest ratio as your
If you feel you are already at an advanced level you can add one or
two more mini circuits up to a total of 4 mini circuits. These 20
exercises are just an example of what is possible, there are dozens
more that would work in this mini circuit style, you can incorporate
any exercise that you like into these mini circuits. This style of
workout is a great complete whole body conditioning and fat loss
program you can do right at home in under 45 minutes.

FatLess Body- Get inspired and Motivated…

Body Weight Back Exercises

Questions and Answers

What are some dumbbell and body weight exercises for mma?

Posted by Justinn(#5)

There are a lot of dumbbell and body weight exercises for mma. Body weight exercises will include push ups, dips, pull ups, and lots of free squats.

As for dumbbell exercises, there are a lots of them like, presses, bench press, bent over rows, and lots more. The thing about training for mma is that it has to be constant. This means doing one exercise, and moving to another straight away without rest.

This is done so that your muscles get used to continual work and improve their levels of endurance. If you want to look at some videos about different types of mma exercises, then it may worth your while to visit the resource below.

Body weight exercise???????????

Can i have some examples of what i can do in a body weight circuit so i can increse my strength please. It can have different variations to it.

Posted by Bob

Body weight squats
Body weight calf raises on a step or some sort of raised surface
Push-ups/handstand push-ups (if you have the ability/control)
Dips using a chair
Pull-ups (if you have a bar)

Keep in mind that these will not increase your strength appreciably after a certain point because to get stronger you need to add progressively more weight (i.e. Weight lifting). Your muscular endurance, will, however, improve.

Losing weight (exercise for pear shaped bodies)?

I'm not particularly fat, my measurements are 35-27-38, but I tend to keep all my fat in my lower body.
I'll gain weight here first, and then above that later, which is a huge bummer sometimes.
I'm trying to work in workouts while at university.
We have treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical trainers in a small gym nearest our dormitories, and a larger gym that has everything a normal gym has (and more) much further away.
If I'm interested in losing weight (currently I'm 136 or so, wanting to get down to 130 or 128). Is it realistic to think that I could get back to having 36 inch hips?
Honestly, I just want to fit into my old size 6 jeans…

Posted by toma-chan

A healthy and lasting weight loss doesn't happen overnight, but it is something you could have if you follow the right plan. Keep in mind these tips along the way of your weight loss journey and try to correct any habit that you are not doing:

Drink water, one reason it is that most of people can confuse thirst as hunger, and you'll have healthy energy and it help your body flush out toxins, feel fuller, and help your metabolism too.

Eat fruits and vegetables, these are critical to losing weight as they fill you up, provide healthy antioxidants and fiber, and are low in calories. You can eat more and weigh less by adding fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Avoid low in nutrition food as bread, rice, and pasta, they may taste great, but they can add up to more fat.

Eat healthy 5 to 6 times a day.

Sleep well, too little spleep, and your body won't function and you'll gain and retain weight.

Do some cardio, like aerobics, dancing, cycling, swimming, running, long walks, elliptical bike (my favorite), karate, football, etc.

For boosting your weight loss, you can also include another healthy elements that help you get weight loss in a very short time, even if you've reached a plateau.
When the human body has to extract calories from that element, it has to make a considerable effort, it means that the simple act of digesting causes the body to burn calories.

Check up the blog on my profile to give you all details about that element and all you need to know to lose weight effectively and information about healthy supplements for weight loss.

If you have any question, just email me.

Total Body Workout 13, Upper Thighs, ARMS, Cardio Full 30 ……

Best Body Weight Workout

Questions and Answers

I seems like body weight workouts are becoming very popular online.?Do you think you can build muscle and lose fat doing only body weight workouts?

Posted by inforseeker2008
adminYou can gain some muscle by doing body weight workouts but it won’t help nearly as much as going to the gym or buying weights yourself. I recommend a gym membership if possible. Because with even the most creative body weight workouts, you can’t work out every muscle in the body: the back and shoulders are especially hard to hit.

Body weight workouts will not help you lose fat in any way whatsoever. The only way to lose weight is to use up more calories than you take in. You lose a few by doing body weight excercises but you won’t really notice. If you want to lose weight, eat healthier foods and do more cardio workouts that get your blood pumping like jogging, biking, soccer, etc. Just keep moving and watch what you eat.

What are the advantages of body weight workouts?What benefits are their to doing body weight workouts vs lifting weights?

Posted by Fat Tigger
adminYou’ll develop useful skills and coordination. Weights build strength, but body workouts develop practical application of the strength. There are a lot of possible examples, but I’ll shorten it to something easy:

To be skilled at rock climbing, you have to actually practice rock climbing, or rock climbing skills, such as pull ups, or grip strength practice*

*not the spring loaded grip strength devices, I’m talking about the kind climbers use – shallow ledges on a wall and seeing how far you can climb. A device can’t develop that kind of grip.

Is this a good workout to lose weight and tone my body?Run 30 minutes everyday. It would be like run 2 laps on track, do 5 burpees for 30 minutes.

MWF: 50 push ups and increase gradually until i can do 500 push ups.
Then core: Plank, Reverse Plank, Superman, Lower ab holds, Side Planks.
50 crunches working my way up to 500 crunches.

TuThSat: 20 Pull ups working my way up to 200 pull ups.
Then same ab workout as MWF

What do you think?

Posted by More2lyfe
adminThe Prison Workout: A Total Body Exercise Routine
Some prison inmates
have nothing but a sink, a toilet, their bed, and a few square feet of
space at their disposal. They need an exercise routine that can be
done in a confined space without equipment. The “Prison Workout,”
which was nicknamed by some people who saw prisoners without access to
weights doing it, is designed to develop strength, endurance, speed,
agility, and balance. It also produces gains in muscle, losses in body
fat, and plenty of stamina. It is a total body and cardio workout. The
Prison Workout consists of one classic exercise, the “burpee.” This
exercise works your chest, arms, front deltoids, thighs and abs. The
burpee is a six-count exercise:
1) Stand with your feet shoulder width
apart and your hands raised over your head. Then squat down and place
your palms on the floor by your feet.
2) Kick both of your legs back so that you’re in push-up position.
3) Bend your elbows and lower your
body until your chest touches the floor.
4) Push yourself back up.
5) At the end of the push-up, quickly pull both knees into your chest
while keeping your hands on the floor. You’re jumping back into the
squat position of step one.
6) Stand straight up by straightening your
legs and throwing your hands in the air over your your head. You’re
now in the position that you started in. You can make the burpee more
advanced and increase the explosive power in your legs by jumping into
the air as you stand up. The Prison Workout is done in descending
sets. For example, begin by doing 20 burpees without stopping. Rest 30
seconds, and then do 19 burpees without stopping. Rest 30 seconds and
do 18 burpees. Continue doing descending sets until you get down to a
final set of 1 burpee. That makes a total of 210 burpees. For most
people, 20 sets will be too much to start with. In that case, pick a
lower number of sets like 15 or 10 or even fewer for your first
workout. Then add a set every 1-2 weeks until you reach your goal. In
prison, doing 20 descending sets without stopping is the minimum to be
considered a “man.” If you can do 25 sets, you’re considered to be
pretty tough, and, if you can do 30 sets, you’re considered a “stud.”
If you’re doing other exercises in addition to this workout, do your
burpee workout 3 times per week on cardio days. If some of you who’ve
read this far are thinking to yourselves, “This Prison Workout is too
easy. I’m looking for a man’s workout,” try one of these advanced
variations of the basic burpee.
1) If you have access to pull-up bars,
at step 6, jump up and do a pull-up. That will add 210 or more
pull-ups to the workout.
2) Place dumbbells on the floor.
Use the dumbbells as push-up bars for steps 1-5. At step 6, clean the
dumbbells to your shoulders, press them overhead, and then set them
back down for the next repetition. In other words, add an overhead
press to each burpee. Be sure to use the solid, hexagonal dumbbells
rather than the adjustable kind. By itself, the Prison
Workout will strip fat from your body, add muscle, and build stamina.
Alternate it with a weight training routine, and you may be mistaken
for a Greek god, or, at least, for an ex-convict. If you can follow
simple instructions, then you can build a HEALTHY, HIGH-PERFORMANCE,
ATTRACTIVE body in the comfort of your own home using ONLY bodyweight

4-Minute Full Body Home Workout Without Weights…

Own Body Weight Training

Questions and Answers

Jazz dancer and weight training?

I practice ballet and jazz. I would like to be a professional dancer(especially jazz dancer) I like to dance old style jazz, and I am a big fan of the musical, "Chicago".
I focus on ballet dance more than jazz dance now because it is a basic of dance and I started jazz dance first,so I need to practice ballet dance.
And I am skinny, which is obvious. I train core muscle a lot, but I think my body need to be bigger.
So, I am thinking to start weight training, but I dont wanna have an ugly body. I mean, I dont want to get muscles which are not necessary for dance.
Could anyone give me any advice? Like..what part of muscle I should train a lot..

Posted by icecream

You really have to be careful of weight training because it can bulk up up and you can lose flexibility. You can work your arms using weights or even the weight of your own body. It is better do build muscle by pilates because your muscle become elongated not bulked that way and that is better for dance.

* If you are a fan of "Chicago" (the Broadway show not the movie), you should take some Fosse classes if they are available where you study.

*edit: Please pardon me if you are a male dancer. There is nothing to indicate your gender and females also want to look strong and toned. For male dancers you need to work you arms more as well as your entire upper body. You need to be strong for partnering and lifts. But again, don't overdo because you will lose flexibility in your back and lower extremities. Both male and female dancers need elongated muscles in their legs, so squats aren't the best choice, unless you are very hyper-extended and need to strengthen your quads.

Can i bench my own body weight?

Im a male 21 and weigh 167 pounds and can do 110 consecutive push ups but haven't had a chance to go to a gym and i was wondering should i be able to bench my own body weight.

Posted by Nick B

If you can do 110 consecutive push ups it means that your body is aerobically fit. This does not necessarily translate into actual strength. Lifting weights is training your muscles to do something different than just a lot of repetitions. If I were you I would experiment carefully. Start with a weight you can comfortably lift. Even if it is only 100 lbs. Then work your way up. In all probability you will be able to lift your body-weight. I do not suggest you start with a weight that nearly equals your weight.

Explosive weight training?

I want to find and easy way to lose fat and build good quality muscle mass, I have heard that explosive weight training is the way to go about it.

Is there any tips or courses that you recommend?

Posted by neeraj v

The explosive weight training you are talking about is called Playomatrics , well lets put it this way walking for an hour burns no more than 220 calories, where as a kilogram of fat has over 7000 calories. So even if you were to walk for an hour a day it will take you almost 3 months just too loose 1 kg of fat. Also you can not take of fat from a certain body part by working out that part particularly. I am telling you all this from my own personal experience i was a little over 100 kgs , and trust me at that time in desperation i have bought anything and every thing that claims to make you loose weight. Non of them really did what they promised. I then learn t from my own research that then only way to loose fat quickly and permanently is by working out and eat healthy, that when i came across the X – MELT program from X attack its a in home based training program , with tons of fun workouts to do at home itself with out any equipment, including explosive training that you were referring to .and also custom made nutrition plans by some hot shot nutritionist. Its highly effective healthy weight loss program. I came down to 78 kgs in 3 months of this program. The best thing i liked about this program is the amount of knowledge their staff has to offer, also how they weren't just interested in having to loose weight but also give my body a great shape for the first time in my life. I as a happy client of theirs will totally recommend this program to anyone looking forward to loosing weight. Here is their URL if you want to have a look at their website for more info. These guys even offer free fitness consultation to everyone, so if you want you can give them a call. It really helped me alot , hope it does the same for you

CrossFit Workout With Weights | Full-Body Exercise | Class ……

Top Body Weight Exercises

Questions and Answers

How can I lose the top half weight of my body?

When I look in the mirror I notice that my legs are skinny but my chest up I'm bigger. I have wide shoulders and I don't like it because I'm a girl. I'm 18, 5'0, and weigh 138 pounds.

Posted by Chelsea

You need to lose your overall body weight in order to lose that weight… You can't just lose the top half… Once you start losing weight your body will even out slowly… Just exercise around 3-4 times a week and eat healthy food instead of junk food… Good luck… :)

Exercise – Weight loss ? ?

I was just wondering if I wanted to lose weight how many times a week would I need to focus on exercise. I walk to work and back 4 times a week that's a 40 min work there and 40 mins back. I'm trying to eat healthy as well but I hardly have much time so it would be awesome if somebody could shed a bit of light.

And by exercise I mean cardio and crunches that kinda stuff

Thank you.

Posted by kiwi

The walking is excellent! Good job on finding something simple you can do to improve yourself! Unfortunately, walking alone is not going to do too much for weight loss. You can use it to help control the weight though. Try planning your meals so you eat 15 – 30 minutes before the walk. This will allow your body to use up some of that extra sugar you will have floating around in your blood, instead of having you body squirrel it away in fat cells.

As far as exercise, it is neigh impossible to do targeted weight loss. By that I mean you will not get rid of belly fat by doing a ton of crunches. The crunches will tone up your stomach muscles of course, but you will still have a nice layer of fat on top hiding them.

Keep trying to eat healthy, and eat less than normal. You should figure out how much you are eating, and try and cut 500 calories per day out of your diet. This will make your body use those fat cells to get the energy it needs.

Keep on walking, and I would recommend getting an iPod and an membership and listen to audio books. I do this (I walk about 2 miles per day). In addition to walking though, you need to do some exercise.

You don't need a gym, but I find that unless I go to a gym I will not be motivated to exercise. If you can get motivated, you won't need a gym. The best exercises for weight loss involve cardio. Running, swimming, jump rope, whatever gets your heart rate up and makes you breath hard. You will need at least 30 minutes x5 days per week. Don't run or do high impact exercise every day, mix it up. I have found swimming to be incredible.

In addition to cardio, you should try some body weight exercises. These will tone you up fast. Here is a list of excellent body weight exercises:

Butterfly kicks
Calf raises
Iron mikes (a type of lunge, it works wonders for your butt)

You can work these bad boys into your workout with about half an hour.

Anyway, good luck! Eat less, exercise more, and watch the pounds melt off. Oh, and this isn't an instant process. It took you a while to gain the weight, so expect it to take a while to loose it. Once you get going, you can expect to loose 1 – 2 lbs per week. You probably won't see anything weight start to drop until a month into this though.

Is my body normal? Diet/exercise tips?

I hate my body so much. My top half (arms, stomach) is fine. I have a very flat stomach, my arms are great (my back is even bony looking) I wear a XS, S in shirts. But my lower half (butt, thighs) are huge, seriously I mean how can I loose weight there? I wear size 9 in jeans. I know you can't target your weight loss..but still? I want to have a slimmer lower sucks. :( I'm 17 y.o 5'7 and weigh 140 pounds..

Posted by Island Princess

If your body is honestly disproportionate in that the top half is bony and the bottom half is especially fleshy, then it might be time to visit a doctor to ensure that all is ok. On the other hand, if you are a skater, bike rider, etc… These are activities that tend to require, use, and build lower body strength and muscles. Also, there are a number of different body profile types that do include larger lower bodies; and vice versa.

Firmness is always a good thing irrespective of body profile type. You might look into firming exercises and activities which means things that call for more reps and less weight. The good news on this front is that there are a zillion isometric types of exercises along these lines that do not call for an arm and a leg's worth of athletic equipment nor even a gym membership.

Fitness Bodyweight Loss…

Body Weight Training Workouts

Questions and Answers

Need a body weight workout?

My friend is on vacation for the break and so I've lost access to the garage where the weights are at. Now I'm going to have to substitute my usual weight lifting with body weight exercises for about a month. Can someone write me up a tough regimen that is pretty challenging? I've been through a little bit of the 300 spartan workout, pretty damn tough, but I'm looking to up the intensity to work on strength rather than endurance. Keep in mind I'm not trying to lose weight, so I want to eliminate cardio for the time being. Any help is appreciated and the person who gives me a reasonable regimen gets 10 points.

Posted by Kern

Here goes 4 I found
Handstand Pushups – 5-10 Reps
One-Arm Pushup – 5-10 Reps
Door Pull-up – 5-10 Reps
One Legged Squat – 5-10 Reps
Knee Jump – 5-10 Reps
Headstand Leg Raise – 5-10 Reps
Mahler Body Blaster – Work up to 25-50 Reps

Nothing beats healthy eating.
Eat a combination of lean protein and healthy carbohydrates every few hours throughout the day to speed up fat loss and maintain stable energy levels. For best results, eat six times a day. Weight train intensely, three times per week on alternating days with aerobic exercise three times per week.

Protein from (lean chicken, fish and beans)
Carbs from fruits and vegetables
Drink 10 to 20 glasses water per day NO SODA.

Weight Training?

I started weight training not to long ago. I feel like it has helped my stamina but now I ache 24 hours a day. What can I do either in my workout, before it or after it to make the aching go down.

Posted by thejuice11

Either take it down a notch, or ride it out. Without going into all the detail since you recently started working out your muscles aren't used to the strain, they ache, or are sore because they are torn up. But it's a good damage. When we work out we create micro tears in our muscles, when we sleep our body not only fixes them but also makes them bigger and better than they were before so that it won't happen again. This is why after some time the same weight just won't help anymore and we increase our reps or the amount of weight we lift.

So to prevent that aching feeling, either slow down a bit, do less reps, use less weight to give your body a better chance to recover. Or increase the amount of rest inbetween workouts so that your muscles are completely repaired and ready for the next workout. No point in working out broken down muscles again. Lastly you could just plow through until your body catches up to your workout.

Remember 3-5 workout days is advised a week, anymore than 5 and no beneficial gains are usually seen. It's tough when you get addicted to the workout feeling (i love it myself) but sometimes a day off is better for your body than another hour and a half of pumping iron at the gym. Keep at it!

Weight Loss Women Before and After Incredible Journey!…